Saturday 6th April 2019

Richmond Village, Aston on Trent, DE72 2EA

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Happy, Free, Confident Woman

Getting Vocal and Being Seen

  • Do you have trouble expressing yourself? 
  • Ever get tongue-tied and flustered? 
  • Are you comfortable with speaking your truth - saying it as it is? 
  • Is it difficult for you to communicate your message with confidence and clarity?
  • Do you feel 'at ease' when talking in groups, face to face?
  • Are you avoiding certain events or people?
  • How often do you later think "if only I'd said.."  

Discover what to do to become the confident, composed woman that you really are and deserve to be. 

Learn from two highly experienced women: Buckso Dhillon-Woolley and Susan Gardner. For more about your hosts, see below...

With lots of fun on the agenda and experiential teaching; introducing super effective techniques for lasting transformation.  

Confident Carefree Woman

Time for Change, Time to Change...

What you'll learn:  

  • Find out why there are times when words elude you and what you can do to get into flow
  • Identify what gets in your way and to know your options 
  • Discover new ways of being yourself and being present
  • How to 'feel' different and sound confident!
  • Know your strengths and how to cultivate them
  • Simple and effective tools to help consistently speak with authority 


Altogether, fun and practical ways to feel and be: Composed, Competant, Confident in all situations; to have a clear authentic voice!  

Woman Relaxed Speaking to Crowd

Adapt and Grow Together...

Maybe this has been an area of real challenge for you for some time, or maybe you are looking to enhance this part of you which already serves you well? 

Either way, or even somewhere in between, this workshop is going to offer you solutions and strategies, set to support you wherever you may be on your personal journey of self-discovery. 

Are their others who you admire speaking or presenting in a way that you wish you were able to do? 

Perspective and perception can be an ally, or may lead into a false illusion of what is true. In the case of the latter, underestimating and even not registering the great things that are already being accomplished, can seriously impact self-belief. 

So are you ready to explore this fascinating area and find out more about your natural tendencies and how you can embrace all aspects of your 'voice' in a more powerful way? 

Great! This exciting workshop is likely to positively change the way you talk to others and probably most important of all, how you talk to your 'self', for good! 

Let's get started and make tomorrow, today, now - we look forward to meeting you and getting this show on the road...  

Workshop Presenters

Buckso Professional Actor and Coach

Buckso Dhillon-Woolley 

Confidence Coach & Mindset Mentor

Buckso Diamond Logo

Acting had always been Buckso's first love and she felt the need to dabble in it whichever way she could, which invariably ended up with her being a supporting artist. 

However, a year later, she was magically introduced to an 'Acting Agent' who took her on, despite a very poor performance in the audition, and the rest as they say, is history! (Btw, theres LOADS more to this story which you will become privvy to..)  

NOW is the time for Buckso to bring all her acquired skills of the last decade to the table and serve as many women/business owners as possible, whose dreams have been surpressed, admonished, hindered and basically, forgotten. 

NOW is the time for you to lay claim to all those ambitions and great ideas, with Buckso showing you some of the 'best kept secrets' from the world of acting for you too, to create your very own spotlight on your stage!  

Susan - Women's Wellbeing Specialist

Susan Gardner

Women's Wellbeing Specialist

Living in the WoW

From a very early age, Susan had a passion for the stage; singing, dancing and acting. 

Performing in school events and local amateur dramatics from church halls, to community centres, to Harrogate and York theatres. 

 With a taste for being in the 'limelight' Susan pursued action on the stage through her hairdressing career, where she modelled hair in competitions and presented fashion shows.  

Integrating her experience from all that she learned ‘from those days’ with what made her clients and staff, feel good in themselves and the common anxieties, which typically affect so many people and how she was able to help boost their confidence is what Susan loves to share.  

With Susan’s extensive knowledge of META-health and training in a variety of emotional and mindful modalities, this workshop is designed to really empower today’s modern woman.  

Saturday 6th April 2019

09:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Richmond Village, Aston on Trent, DE72 2EA

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